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Micol Pisanu was born in Nuoro in 1995. Already at a young age she started vocal training by her parents Maria Bonaria Monne and Sandro Pisanu, both opera singers and choir conductors. She started her singing path as a member of the white voices choir “Pueri Cantores di San Domenico Savio”, conducted by her mother. At only 10 years of age she recorded as soloist the CD “Thilicherta”, attached to the volume of the same name, which included children songs, nursery rhymes, lullabies and Sardinian popular music, everything revised by Ignazio Pes. Since 2008 she is part of the Nuoro Female Choir “Priamo Gallisay”, conducted by Maria Bonaria Monne.
At 11 years she started studying violin with P. Argiolas, and then in 2010 she signed up at Cagliari Conservatory of Music “Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina”, where she studied with Marco Ligas. She studied Classical Violin with Claudio Marzorati and currently studies Baroque Violin with Renata Spotti at Milan Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Verdi”.
In 2013 with one of her songs she won the scholarship to lyricist course at CET (Centro Europeo Tescolano), school established by the famous lyricist Mogol. She studied with Mogol, his son and Giuseppe Anastasi.
In 2014 the “Lions Club Nuoro Valverde” awarded Micol Pisanu “Il premio al Giovane Artista” due to the ability of transmitting art messages, through her composing creativity, which express a rich inner world and because of her musical interpretation which shows remarkable vocal and instrumental potentialities, creating suggestive and emotionally charged atmospheres.
In 2015 she started studying Opera Singing at Milan Conservatory of Music “G. Verdi” with Cristina Rubin; in the summer of the same year she attended a Masterclass with the Soprano Elisabetta Scano, aimed to the staging of Domenico Cimarosa Opera “Il Matrimonio Segreto”, playing the role of Elisetta.
In 2016 she debuted for the first time in the role of Gilda, main character in Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera “Rigoletto”. In November and December of 2017 she took part as soprano at the staging of Euripides tragedy “Elena”, performed by the theatre company Kerkìs at “Teatro San Lorenzo delle Colonne” in Milan.
Since 2017 she collaborates as Soprano Soloist and vocal coach with Milan Choir “Chanson D’Aube”, conducted by Alberto Odone, with which has performed W. A. Mozart “Vesperae Solennes de Confessore K 399”, G. F. Haendel “Messiah” and some unpublished works of Francesco Durante, middle of the ‘600 composer, transcribed by A. Odone and preserved in the Fondo Noseda of Milan Conservatory.
In march 2018 she debuted for the first time in the role of “Sposa”, main character in the Oratorio “S. Alessio” of Camilla De’ Rossi, end of the ‘600 composer, in a production of Milan Conservatory “G. Verdi”. On 17th and 18th November of 2018 she sang as chorister in Ente Concerti “Marialisa De Carolis” choir for Carl Orff “Carmina Burana”, trained by Antonio Costa and conducted by Jordi Bernàcer.
In April 2018 she attended the Masterclass of Baroque Singing on French music with the conductor and baritone Jérôme Correas.
In August 2019 she attended the courses of Harpsichord with George Kiss and Baroque Singing with Eva Kiss at the Masterclass of Early Music in Magnano.
In October 2019 she is the first ever to graduate in Renaissance and Baroque Singing at Milan Conservatory of Music “G. Verdi”, with final grades 110/110 cum laude.
Currently she is attending the Second Cycle Degree in Renaissance and Baroque Singing with Anna Aurigi at Milan Conservatory.
In January 2020 she had the chance to sing Barbara Strozzi repertoire at GAM (Galleria D’Arte di Milano) with the Ensemble “Andromeda”, conducted by Francesca Torelli, and in the same venue she sang in February for the event “«CANTAR VERSI D’AMORE» gli affetti nel barocco musicale” (Singing love verses, affections in Baroque music) accompanied on the Harpsichord by Luigi Marzola.

In January 2021 she attends Sonia Prina’s Masterclass, organized by “Canto Alato” Association/”Ottavanota” Academy, focused on the preparation of repertoire by Haendel’s Operas (Alcina; Giulio Cesare; Ariodante).

In February 2021 she takes part as a violinist in Chiara Banchini’s Masterclass, aimed to the study of Sonatas by G. Tartini’s opus five.

In April 2021 she publishes a transcription in modern notation of Francesca Caccini's Canzonette for the publishing house FEDERCORI.

Micol Pisanu has collaborated equally as a soprano singer and a violin player in a project called EAR TRAINING CORSO BASE written and realized by Alberto Odone that was published in 2021.

In July 2021 she participates in both Baroque Singing Masterclasses in Perugia with Marinell Pennicchi and in Jesi with Sonia Prina.

In October 2021 she graduates in Master Specialized in Renaissance and Baroque Singing at Milan Conservatory of Music G. Verdi with final grade 110 cum laude.

In November 2021 she attends a Opera Singing Masterclass with Barbara Frittoli.

In March 2022 she participates a Baroque Singing Masterclass organized by Association Lira di Orfeo held by Cordeiro Opa.

In May 2022 Micol Pisanu wins a Second Prize in the International Baroque Singing Competition Caffarelli in Bitonto (BARI) and a First Prize of the National Competition Premio delle Arti in the category of Early Music Soloist Singers.

She is currently studying Master in baroque violin with Renata Spotti at Milan Conservatory of Music G. Verdi and attends Verona Opera Academy with Sonia Prina.

Moreover, Micol Pisanu is a choir conductor: since 2012 she has conducted the white voices choir in the music course of Nuoro Association “Diapason” and Alzai Polyphonic Choir. Since 2014 she serves as Deputy Director of Nuoro Male Choir “Priamo Gallisay” and in June 2020 she has been nominated official Deputy Director of Nuoro Female Choir “Priamo Gallisay”.
She was Preparatory music teacher for Nuoro Association “Diapason” from 2012 to 2014. She has taught Modern Singing at Cassano D’Adda (MI) Scuola Civica and Preparatory music at Milan Ricordi Music School. Currently she is violin teacher at Milan Music School “Ottavanota”, singing and preparatory music teacher at Gessate (MI) Music School “Tinina Amedei” and at Melzo (MI) Music School “Bach Street Music”.

translated by Desiree Corapi

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